A Thinking Man

What Men May Want to Know


You’re a thinking man. I’m a thinking man. And during these transitional times, subjects to contemplate are not in short supply. Think of this site as a familiar signpost on the footpath towards higher forms of thought. Articles and stories will be informative, constructive and enlightening.

I’m Donald A. Wright Jr. – Designer, fabricator, artist, writer and all around good guy. During the many opportunities where I’ve participated in manufacturing and managerial positions, I’ve embraced out of the box thinking. This often clashes with the status quo. But like the less traveled path, it has made all the difference to myself and many others. My intent is to enrich, empower and awaken the unique entity that is you. By that measure we are all uplifted toward our realization of oneness.

I’ll be joined from time to time by regular and guest authors. Much of this compilation is intended for a coming book.

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All the best, Don

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