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Breaking the Pattern of Manifesting Adversity

By Don Wright

I’ve just received a newly released book, “A Journey to Oneness, “  by Rasha. In beginning this read, I found a particular page of information which was so important that, if allowed, I should write and post an article about it. Rasha has been very generous in granting me permission to use the material – you will find links to her site and other information at the bottom of this post – please visit and consider subscribing to her occasional e-mails, A Moment of Oneness.

There’s no doubt that during the course of our life, many of us may recognize patterns, situations or recurring themes. And for most of us, we would define those patterns as unfavorable. Circumstances that were close or precisely what we didn’t want or feared would happen. And not only does it happen, but we find that it happens often enough that we might even joke about it or have simply resolved ourselves to enduring it. A feeling of helplessness, a victim of circumstance, life, karma – whatever.

If you’re a person in the process of “searching” for answers, there’s no doubt that you’ve come across various spiritual messages about manifesting. I’ve also written about perspectives, which I also believe is a form of manifesting.

However, the focus on these has typically been about manifesting something into your life that you don’t now have. I want a better job, better house, more money, security, etc. Who doesn’t want these things and more?

But often we’ve find that it simply doesn’t work. We repeat the same tired patterns of adversity with no real growth. We’ll even dwell and lament on it. We’ll look outward and blame the economy, the government, the president – or anything that is, “out there.” Can’t be our fault, we’re just a victim here.

During my studies these past years, one thing that has consistently, “rung true,” for me is that there is no, “out there” to blame. Not only are we completely responsible for not having, we’re also responsible for the adversity we do have.

And at a deeper level, this is even more comforting in knowing this as a truth. Why? Because we have the proof all around us that it works. We’re knee deep in fear, adversity, unhappiness, anxiety, and my personal pet peeve, drama. We’re all drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

We love gossip. The news is all about serving up the nastiest stuff they can dig up daily. Every top show on television is based on serious drama, hardships or challenges. Reality TV tells us, this is your reality.

Do we want to live like this? Do you want to live like this?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a “recipe” or specific instructions on how? If things are bad and you want to make them better, it would at least be preferable to stop the bad. If we could simply minimize the bad – that alone would make things better.

This information in the book comes from a Source called, “Oneness.” If you read from the book(s) you’ll be inspired – I guarantee it. One cannot read these pages and not come away with any other feeling than they come from a Divine source. At the very least it will set up a resonance in you that confirms that the information is something that you’ve always known at your core. The entity that is you, knows this deep down.

These transitional times are all about being able to absorb and embrace the “next level” of information. The next levels of understanding.

I’m going to paraphrase the points covered by Oneness titled, “How to break the pattern of manifesting adversity.” You may read to complete text in the book, beginning on page 33.

  1. When you are feeling at a low ebb, it is preferable to not continue what you are doing. And, surely it is preferable not to go into a crucial situation in an unbalanced state.
  2. In order to break the pattern of near-worst case scenarios, it is important for you to be keenly aware of the vibration of all you communicate to others. Monitor your speech. Do not utter a negative sentiment about anything, regardless of whether or not you feel it is justified. Make a conscious effort that every word that passes your lips be uplifting to the listener.
  3. Monitor the way you respond to circumstances that have occurred and insure that your response is not one calculated to produce more of the same. Speak only the most positive possible statements regarding any situation. Speak ill of no one, lest the energy be mirrored back upon you.
  4. Choose to partake or pass. Simply that. Gossip, complaining or speech in the guise of asking for help you do not really require, are recipes for reprisal in the form of creating circumstances that would not be pleasing to you. Your speech is a very powerful tool when carefully employed. It is a danger to you when used carelessly.
  5. Your thoughts, even when not expressed verbally, carry an energy charge that sets in motion circumstances of a corresponding vibration. If you are mistrustful, you will manifest being deceived. If you are fearful, you will experience frightening situations. When anxious and feeling unworthy, one manifests the experience of the rejection of one’s efforts. When one becomes the hunter, the hunted feel the predatory energy and flee. When one is obvious in what one wants from another, it is virtually guaranteed that the outcome would not be manifested.
  6. Dwell not upon what is lacking in your life, but regard with gratitude those very circumstances which may pave the way for you to manifest precisely what you have come into this lifetime to do. Scrutinize your circumstances and your thought patterns surrounding them – weed out responses that could well be perpetuating the adversity.


This is golden. A list of common sense instructions that each of us know in our heart to be true – if we can only do it. I think we can. The first step with any of these points is recognition of what you’re thinking or about to say.

We can go through this life feeling like we’re the tennis ball being constantly batted back and forth between unfortunate situations – or we can realize we’re the net, and able to stop the game.


You may visit Rasha’s Website, Sign up for a “Moment of Oneness” e-mails, Purchase “Oneness” or “A Journey to Oneness

A special thank you to, Rasha, for permission to share her work.

All the best, Don




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