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What Men May Want to Know


By Don Wright

Seems I’m going through some strange transitional window. This morning I received an e-mail where a guy backed out of a deal we’d been making for several days. As I read it I had the epiphany that I’m surrounded by inconsiderate people.

For the past few weeks there’s been no end to people who don’t respond to their e-mails or phone messages or when they say they will get back in touch or start some action, they don’t. Others have called expecting free advice, work or materials. Even the wife has been in her own cloud self-absorption, and don’t get me started on family.

What comes with noticing a pattern is a question, “where is this coming from and why am I perceiving it in this particular way?”

First off, one doesn’t have to be the brightest bulb in the chandelier to recognize that people can be very inconsiderate, but I’ll also come to their rescue here and say that for the most part, “they can’t help it.”

I’ve written in these pages about how most are living lives of the lowest common denominator, doing what one has to do and little else to get by. Unfortunately that means one only has the energy or initiative for being concerned with self. Being wrapped up in self has the ego in charge of looking out for number one and it can expose itself as obvious and blatant or it can be creatively hidden behind a facade of pretending to care.

Secondly, am I perceiving only inconsiderate people and fulfilling that expectation? Manifesting exactly the thing that I’m noticing?

There is a third consideration, and that is that most of the things that I’m doing are either wrong or have had their time and the universe is telling me to let go and move one – but that’s another rabbit hole, and one that I secretly know is true, but not quite ready to acknowledge.

Unfortunately we can’t do too much about the first, people are who they are, and even though we’re seeing a massive shift in how people are thinking, there are still many miles to go yet. What I’ve found is that groups of the like-minded will “coalesce” together at times. These loose groups might form together physically and become powerful, creative or destructive.  Think of groups like the modern “tea party,” freedom movements, gun control activists and the wall street protests.

Or a group might be connected only by a single point or person without coming into contact with each other, a group reading a blog, watching the news, responding to an advertisement. Or like myself, with recognizing a group of inconsiderate people forming a wall around me.

I believe it’s a mixture of events and here’s my take on what to do about it;

  1. Yes, my awareness is a player in this – my perception is partly responsible for these type of events.
  2. Reinforce the realization that change is always at work and these conditions shall pass.
  3. But also acknowledge that to keep these conditions from constantly recurring I must take part in diffusing the energies that causes the condition. I do this by;
  4. Being absolutely neutral. I’m the observer in these conditions. If I get mad, retaliate, lash out, tell people off or simply dwell on my bad luck – all the things the ego is screaming at us to do -  I’ll only reinforce that I want more of the same. I become my own self-fulfilling prophet.
  5. Being the solution I wish. If I’m noticing inconsiderate people, then I make a conscious effort of being considerate – without question and to a fault. I will not add to any group or energy that is undesirable.
  6. Replace the glasses I’m wearing with a pair that allows me to see through others inconsiderate behavior and see them for the divine entity they are, even if they’re not aware of it themselves.
  7. That same pair of new glasses will allow me to easier see and embrace acts of kindness, consideration and compassion is others.
  8. When I do see it in others, be appreciative – internally, to us all as one, and externally to the person.
  9. Don’t take any of it too seriously. I can’t know what’s happening in another’s life.

We’re in an age of the customer always being right, and since we’re all customers, this can breed a certain amount of indignation, where people began to feel that being pandered to is their birthright.

We’ve all heard something like, “My chicken sandwich has honey mustard on it and I clearly asked for plain mustard – I’d like to speak to the manager.”

As a buddy of mine is fond of saying, “You’re holding on too tight.”

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  1. Walt says:

    To me it’s one of those things that let you notice “Difference” simply put “How would you know cold with out hot?” That in itself is to help confirm the dualism that is needed to make all this more real?

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