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Empirical Evidence

By Don Wright

Information that justifies a belief in a truth of an empirical claim. In another way, knowledge that becomes common knowledge. Universally accepted. Something that is “known.”

So, let’s consider the spiritual realm. What do we know? To me, the answer is easy – we don’t know. I’ll step a bit further toward the end of that wobbly plank, not only do we not know –


That is to say that not only do we not know, it’s very likely we’re unaware of how far off the mark we truly are. It’s like when someone tells me that they’re going to build a cabinet and I know they have no experience in the subject. I know they understand and appreciate what a cabinet is, but I also know they are going to face unknown hurdles when it comes to joinery, machinery, tools, adhesives and finishes.

But when it comes to the spiritual realm, I do feel that we’re dancing around the periphery  of a shift in consciousness. Will we know it and understand it when it manifests? We’re all comfortable with knowing that any new invention is understandable – but what if that basic ability didn’t hold true just once. What would that mean to us? A paradigm shift in our world?

Add to that – when? Our lifetime or eons from now? Who knows? And again, to anyone that claims to have this knowledge – empirical evidence would be appreciated.  Extraordinary claims demands extraordinary evidence.

But our world is overflowing with religions, all pointing toward some higher power or purpose. There’s hundreds of seemingly enlightened and spiritual people. Many of their messages are overwhelming, compelling and comforting. And then there’s messages that are  self-serving or downright horse compost to anyone that gives it any thought at all. The common thread throughout the ages is that man has felt the need to create, believe in and worship a higher power.

Long ago, a good friend once said to me;

“You’ll know a truth when it rings true within you.”

Damn – this is a really weak edict –  but it’s all I’ve had through the years.  So it, “rings true,” within me that there are unknowns yet to be realized empirically. I don’t want to believe that humanity has been self-deluded.

But what about faith? What about belief? Yes, I feel these are extremely powerful and I won’t go off on a tangent here. But, I will say that for the most part they are constructs of man to control other men. And I’ll take another step toward the end of the plank and allow –


As shown in all the worlds religions, what you believe is your truth. Some fundamentalist groups are devout beyond question and their truths trump all other’s. It’s all about perspective, and your perspective colors, shapes and defines your experience. In the bible, Jesus allows, “For now we see through a glass, darkly,” a statement that rings true. (1 Corinthians 13:12)

Many years ago I began a quest for truth. My method was simple, look for intersecting lines from all points on the compass. Those intersections would have significance since they would come from a wide range of authors. I didn’t have to look very far. There’s an almost overwhelming amount of information to consider in these times. Possibly nothing more than a prevalence of social media, but that does not quite ring true either.  If you’re the slightest bit a spiritual person and searching, you will agree that something’s afoot.

There have always been those among us that have claimed to have been “given” knowledge. I have trouble with that because once again it requires a decision of belief. Overlooking the question too of why him or her and not me? But, who’s to say it’s not me – or you. Wayne Dyer will allow that when he begins to write, the information comes from Source. I experience that as well – sometimes, when I re-read something I’ve written, it’s clear to me that it’s not always 100% from my fingers.

We’re in an information age and there’s no shortage of those that claim to be a conduit for Divine inspiration.  “A Course in Miracles,” a book “dictated” to Helen Schucman, by Jesus, over the course of a decade is one such book. The book, “Oneness,” by Rasha is another, her source is the Oneness of the universe of which we are all a part.

In reading these books and ones like it, the compelling take-away is that the words are not of this earth. Some of these passages are so overwhelming that it causes a fundamental shift in one’s perspective of who we are and what we’re doing here. The writing is so inspired that one can’t help but think it’s other-worldly. I truly have a hard time believing that a person of this earth can be so poignant, so elegant, so creative. But then I think, if this author is insane, how would we know it? And by now, you may be asking the very same question. Again, if it rings true for you.

So, on the quest for truth. There are some basic tenants that I’ve come to embrace. Your mileage may vary.

Now, granted, there’s certainly more to it all than that. But in boiling it down to an everyday existence, these few tenants feel comfortable. Maybe some will ring true for you.

What comes across overwhelmingly is how rich our interactions with each other can be once ego or self is minimized. We’re just getting our feet wet in the realization of the richness that comes from laying self aside and stepping into the pool of Oneness. Information is coming to us from all directions and sources.

One of the most telling is a phrase from the movie, Avatar, and I truly hope that you are able to embrace it for yourself. It’s what’s coming and what it’s all about . . . .

“I SEE you.”

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