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Passing Through

By Don Wright

People that I’ve personally known have passed away. I’ve lived long enough now that as each year goes by that list is getting longer. One day we’ll all be on that list.

Family, friends, enemies, lovers and actors; no one is immune – so far anyway. Recently James Gandolfini from the Sopranos fame. James and I spent hours together making business decisions; who to whack, how to make collections, where to hide all the money. Good stuff. He’ll be missed like all the others.

As a reference of time, our stay here on this level of form is but an instant. A mere mouse fart in the cosmic hurricane of time. Hardly worth a notice or a mention even. And that’s if it’s not cut short by all the myriad of ways we can go early. Sickness, disease, wars, conflict and accidents.

I recently drove past a pair of massive new tow-trucks, the kind of tow-trucks called into duty when the biggest trucks quit working. Seems that one of these new trucks had a problem and the working one had lifted the front end of it off the ground. It had raised it enough that both drivers were now underneath trying to find out what was wrong. I cringed at the amount of weight that was just inches above both of their heads. In my mind I read the analogy, “squashed like bugs.” But then I thought, “you can do better than that, “ and I came up with, “Upon removing the fallen truck, the rescue workers found that the drivers has resisted the enormous weight much like a couple of gummi bears.”

You have to laugh. Life’s simply too short to do otherwise.

As we scurry about here on the surface of this world we don’t often think about what’s overhead. The enormity of what’s “out there” is just too much to understand. And how can we truly understand something we can only see and hear with our little instruments. Most of what’s out there we can’t even detect, we can only make educated guesses.

There’s just too much we don’t know, and as I’m fond of saying, “we don’t even know what we don’t know.”

So the question is, will we ever find out? So far, none of our loved ones, friends, enemies or stage names have come back with any empirical proof. Nothing we can hang our hats on and say, “well, that question is answered.” Of course we have no shortage of people, books  and information that claim to know. But no one does. It’s blind faith or belief, and that’s comforting enough for most of us.

But you will find out for yourself – or not. There are really only two possibilities at the jumping off point. One is there is nothing – and it’s a real possibility. Don’t be discouraged at the thought though, because if this is the case then neither of us will know it. The screen will go black and it will be as if you never existed. You’ll simply be a footnote in the eternity of time, much like an archeologist that finds a scrap of bone or tooth of a prehistoric man – all that’s left. No accompanying story, no records, nothing.

The other possibility is that there is something. Now we’re talking. It really doesn’t matter at this point what it is either. Forget for a moment what so many others claim to know is on the other side, just that there is another side is monumental enough.

There’s enough going on here in the scientific arena to give merit to this possibility and I don’t believe that our belief affects whether it’s true or not. What is true is true. If what we believe at any given time is actually true outside of our concept of form, then we are truly screwed – or again, it’s something that we simply can’t comprehend from this standpoint.

There’s been plenty of documented NDE’s, Near Death Experiences, that point to the real possibility of something being out there. And then there’s the argument of what a dying brain experiences that attempts to explain it away. But some of the testimony is compelling, especially when we take into account that we want to believe it. None of us want to think this is all there is, atheists aside. I understand atheism, it must be a tough choice to come to that conclusion. Myself, I see no reason to succumb or live your life as if this is the case. As I’ve written, if you’re an atheist and you’re correct – you won’t ever know it. If you’re wrong, it might be just a bit humbling, but that will be a good thing.

I’m comfortable with knowing that I don’t know, but knowing there’s something just the same. I’ve searched for truth. My method looks at information that comes at me from all different points on the compass – I see intersections as crossroads that need deeper consideration. I read books looking for inspiration in the author’s words, an enlightenment coming through the author to the page. Some that I’ve read do feel as if the author is “channeling” information from another place, it’s so compelling that it simply can’t be from another human like myself. But how can we differentiate from someone who just might be insane or brainwashed? We can’t. People can do amazing things.

But what I do know is that it’s a personal choice and journey. We came into this world seemingly alone and most likely will leave the same way. Between those two points we have thousands of opportunities to enrich our lives and the lives of others. And at the very least being a non-combative observer can be very interesting and peaceful. Recognize the ego as an entity that will blind you from the most in-depth experience of this construct. Be aware of it, minimize it and you’ll enjoy more freedoms than you might otherwise.


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